Langtang Region Treks

The Langtang Region Treks is a north part of Kathmandu valley and it lies just south of Tibetan border. The Langtang vale is enclosed by high peaks of nice attractiveness. It has become famed ever since a people mountaineer Bill Tilman delineate it because the most lovely vale within the world.

The highest peak in this area is Shisapangma or Gosaithan 8027m in Tibet. The course from the Langtang vale to Gosaikund is jam-packed with diversity and it’s attracting several tourists. The Langtang vale is additionally referred to as the storage of Alpine plants. The whole vale is roofed with flowers throughout the summer. This high and isolated region is populated by Tamangs whose non secular practices, language and dress ar rather more kind of like Tibetan.

Langtang Valley Trekking

Langtang Valley Trekking 10 Days

Tserko-Ri, 5000 M / Moderate