Know Flora and Fauna in Nepal

Nepal has it all –tropical, temperate and alpine flora and fauna. The species of Flora and Fauna available in such a small country is really mind boggling.
Nepal has 6500 known species of trees, shrubs and wild flowers. Nepal bags more than 300 species of orchids.

In May and April you see the whole hill in bloom with Rhododendron while there will be grand scenery of wild flowers in rain shadow zones of Dolpo and Mustang during summer days.

Similarly, there are more than 800 species, almost 10 % of world’s bird species found in Nepal. This number is greater than total birds found in USA and Canada combined!

Nepal also boasts to be the home of Bengal tiger. The Rhinos, Elephants, Deers, wild bison and crocodiles just to mention the few. Many National parks and conservation areas are established to protect the habitat of these fauna and flora.