Know Nepal Tour FAQ

How to enter Nepal?

You can enter Nepal from different entry points from land and through air transport. The most preferred and suggested way is from the Tribhuwan international airport or TIA at Kathmandu. You can fly directly to here from many airports in Asia. Thailand and Delhi are the most preferred transit points if you are visitors from the Americas or Europe. We also will suggest and connect you to the trustable international flight service providers if you are willing to visit Nepal. You can also drive here from China and multiple cities of India, but Flying is the always the best option to Nepal.

How do I get my visa for Nepal?

Visa is granted to you in the international airports as well as in the entry points through the land here as well. It will only take you some time and documents to process for the visa to Nepal. However, you can pre-process the visa in the local Nepali consulates and embassy back in your nation. A valid passport and two passport sized photos are the basic requirements for your visa at the airport. You can also extend your visa time through the immigration office at Kathmandu.

As an American citizen, do I need to apply for a visa ahead of time?

Citizens of any Nation including the nation of USA can have their travel visa to Nepal at their arrival to the country. Processing the visas from the Nepalese embassy in your country is also an option for you. But it will take minimal time and procedure from the entry points to Nepal. The rates of your visa period depend on your staying period in this nation and are extendable as well. The additional information about the visa rates and norms to apply for the visa can be found in the immigration office website of Nepal. (

What currency should I bring when traveling to Nepal?

Currency exchange points are available in many places throughout Nepal. However, for easy services and cheaper exchange rates, we suggest you carry US dollars. VISA, Debit/Credit cards, and Master cards are accepted in many places while some might insist on doing the transaction through cash. You will also have ATM facilities in many parts of these countries.

Is Nepal safe? Is a woman traveling alone safe with your company?

Nepal is among the safest country to be in the world. For your solo as well as group travel plans you can feel absolutely safe here. People of all ages and genders can feel homely and inviting in this nation. We take every safety measures if required in your trip so be carefree with the assist of Asia experiences.

What’s the difference between private and group trips?

Private trips are more flexible and compatible with your arrival as well as activities you will like to experience in Bhutan. Group trips, on the other hand, are pre-planned, and all the activities are done according to a pre-processed schedule. A private trip will give you more freedom to expand your scopes with the visit, and you will be provided your personal guide to assist you. In group tours, you will have to stick to the group and follow a guide and carry out the activities. We in Asia experiences support both these traveling options but will certainly suggest private trips for better results and experiences.

Can I have a customized itinerary?

Yes, you can have a customized itinerary to some extent. We do want to assure you that our itineraries are professionally planned and practically managed for giving you the best results. You can also modify the itinerary during the visit with the consent of your guide and our company too.

Does your company provide airport pickup facility?

Of course, we do have a wide range of vehicle fit for the occasion and will take care of any form of transportation that is needed for you. And that also involves picking you up from the airport and transferring at your departure in well facilitated and safe vehicles.

What types of food is available on tour?

You can try the authentic Nepali cuisine in most of the hotels and restaurants you will dine in. However, you will also have an option to choose from a wide variety of international dishes in most of these places. We make sure that the sites you dine will provide top class healthy services to you.

Can I change the hotels by my own? How are your transportation facilities?

In case of your disagreement and displeasure with your current hotel, you will have to notify us before changing the hotel. The charges in your new hotel will be on your own. We have a high standard of vehicles with facilities that you might need in your journey.