Know Hiking in Nepal

The word ‘hiking’ refers to gentle walk along Himalayan trails that has been appreciated by all as the most happening open – air activity. But we can found that hiking has been discovered as the soul cleansing accomplishment desired by anyone who welcomes nature. Level of difficulty depends largely upon where, when and how one is hiking. With proper preparation before and having observed basic hiking rules, Nepal is regarded as a safe country to hike. Nepal provides a myriad of opportunities for hiking enthusiasts from easy to physically demanding Himalayan excursion. There is no pressure to speed up step during hiking. We rather encourage you to set your own leisurely pace allowing yourself explore the beauty of close surroundings abundantly. It is simply not a job of walking from one place to another heading towards a final destination, but more a continuing experience of Nepal’s diversity in terms of ethnicity, religions, topography, etc. Thus, it is not concerned with distance. At the higher elevation, hiking will be based on rest and explore in between to enable you adjust with the new environment and to meet full acclimatization.
Basically, hiking can be categorized into two types comprising of tented camping hike and teahouse hike. How to make a hike depends upon the routes chosen. Tented camping hike is suitable where there is not teahouse infrastructure and economical for large groups which costs comparatively high for small team. Whereas, while hiking on the most popular routes connected with good teahouse network, lodge to lodge hike is recommended. The main emphasis should be placed on keeping oneself safe, warm and healthy while ensuring a momentous journey.