Helicopter Tours

Our helicopter tour services include sightseeing of various Himalayas and Mountains in Nepal such as Everest Sightseeing, Lumbini Sightseeing, Muktinath Darshan, Annapurna Range Sightseeing, Langtang Range Sightseeing, Manakamana Sightseeing and sightseeing of various others tourist’s places by helicopter. We give access to different remote areas in Nepal by helicopter with outstanding Ariel views. Our company owns a team of different experienced and dedicated entrepreneurs that believe in the quality of service, and the needs and demand of the customers. Besides, we also provide our helicopter services for media shoot.

Helicopter tours are said to be one of the best means that takes you to the outstanding views of different mountain ranges and tallest peaks. You’ll have a chance to observe and feel the natural beauty of the country even if you go for weeks long trekking in the Himalayas. Helicopter tours make this easier and faster. Helicopter tour saves your time. You can visit the place and can return just in a day. You don’t need to trek for a long distance and pack your much belongings and carry for a long distance. The Himalayan Range of Nepal that lies in the north has more than 1000 peaks that are over 6000 meters. Among them, 8 summits are among the world’s tallest, and of course, the one and only Mt. Everest is not to be missed. The fertile land that lies in the south gives the best greenery scenes from the Helicopter. The religious and cultural heritage in Kathmandu decorates your tour and enhances the joy. While in the Pokhara Valley, the beautiful lakes and the exciting scenes of Himalayas enhances the beauty of the tour.

Nepal, being the mountainous country, is easily accessible through the flight. The helicopter services in Nepal are now well-established and giving provision for the best helicopter tours in Nepal. The pilots are well-experienced and professionals with thousands of flying hours in Nepal. The helicopter service provider companies in Nepal have high reputations and have proved the records for dependable emergency and different rescue flights operations. As safety is the top priority, Easy Heli has been providing different rescue services in the remote areas of Nepal. We’ve been the number one choice for VIP cooperate charter, scenic flights, private hire, joy flights, Ariel photography and helicopter rescue in Nepal. Being the top helicopter service provider in Nepal, our organization has a high profile and we wish to maintain our great image and credibility that has been built till now. We give the best offers for the helicopter service with hassle-free, fast and convenient build up along with the discountable price. Contact us immediately and get the best out of the best result of our service.

Jomsom Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Jomsom Muktinath Helicopter Tour 1 Day

Muktinath, 3810 M / Moderate
Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour 1 Day

ABC 4130 M / Moderate