Adventure Tours

Nepal is gifted with a varying landscape, and so provides a great adventure experience in every step. If you have the guts over fear, then you will choose our Adventure Tours packages. With risks tags along the rewards, however, the adventure doesn’t always mean risks. It is about learning, and the process one uses during that learning phase. Adventure is a great way to bring back the stories for generations to come. With breathtaking natural sceneries alongside your journey.

The mighty Himalayas rise to snow capped peaks that are the very rooftop of the world. Sinuous green terraces wind as far as the eye can see along mountain valleys. Prayer flags adorn lively temples that reveal colorful ancient scrolls and exquisite carvings. This is Nepal. With Us you’ll explore the land and meet the people like a local: trek on stone paths threading pristine hillsides and sweeping valleys … float on river raft through untouched forest … ride on elephant’s back in lush jungle.

In our small group, encounter the Nepalese people where they live, farm, and pray—in the foothills of the soaring Himalayas, along the pristine Seti River, in beautiful Chitwan National Park, and in the kaleidoscopic swirl of Kathmandu and serene beauty of Pokhara. Join us on our newest adventure and discover an unforgettable world of profound and ageless beauty, nestled beneath the rugged peaks of eight of the world’s ten highest mountains.

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour

Kathmandu Pokhara Tour 6 days

1600 M / Easy
One Day Bhaktapur Tour

One Day Bhaktapur Tour 1 days

1400 M / Easy
Kathmandu Bhaktapur Nagarkot Tour

One Day Kathmandu Tour 1 days

Kathmandu,1350 M / Easy
Bhote Koshi Rafting

Bhote Koshi Rafting 1 Day days

/ Moderate
Seti River Rafting

Seti River Rafting 1 Day days

/ Moderate
Trishuli River Rafting

Trishuli River Rafting 1 Day days

/ Moderate